CAASPP Testing Overview for Parents

Intro to CAASPP

The CAASPP English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics test is administered to students in grades 3-8 and 11. It is a computer-based assessment that provides more accurate results than traditional paper-based assessments.

At the elementary level, students in grades 3-5 will take the ELA and Math summative assessments. Students in grade 5 will also take the Science-CAST test.

There are two parts to the ELA and math assessments:

  • Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) capitalizes on precision and efficiency, adjusting the difficulty of questions for a more accurate measurement of the student’s ability.
  • The Performance Task (PT) is used to measure capacities such as depth of understanding, research skills, and complex analysis, which cannot be adequately assessed using other item types.

Score report

  • Your child’s test scores are available online via PowerSchool.
    It is important to understand how to read your child’s CAASPP Test results.

What we do at school

  • Standards aligned curriculum in all core subjects.
  • Interims:
  • Throughout the school year Students become familiar with the testing platform, academic content, and build their test taking stamina.
  • Interim assessments can be administered whole class, small group, partners, or independently.
  • Teachers receive student results.
  • Teachers identify targeted areas individual students or groups of students may need to work on.
  • IXL: a personalized learning platform with targeted learning tools. It offers experiences for students through analytics and recommendations. IXL supports teaching and learning with a very focused outcome.
  • Chromebook familiarity: all grade levels have chromebooks in their classrooms where students become familiar using the device.

  • Typing Club: this is an application teaches students how to use a QWERTY keyboard. Students learn where each letter is located on the keyboard and which finger they should use to type each letter.

Supports in CAASPP

  • Universal tools

  • Designated Supports-educational team decision

  • Accommodations (IEP and 504)- must be in the IEP or 504

How you can support at home

  • Ensure your child has enough sleep.
  • Ensure your child eats a nutritious breakfast.
  • Discuss the test with your child. Make sure they are not scared or anxious to take the tests.
  • Provide your child with positive talk and encouragement.
  • Practice at home:
    • Interim practice test (log in as a guest)
    • Log in with ECS student account in Chrome browser to access Class Link
      • ConnectEd App-Math curriculum
      • IXL
      • Razz Kids-reading
      • Typing Club

Student Growth Interview Responses “What or who helped you be successful?”

  • Mrs. Osuna helped me understand questions more on a normal day. This helped me when it was time to taken the real test.
  • my mom and dad and Miss Wong
  • I took my time and used my scratch paper. The practice tests helped too.
  • To take notes and ask for help on the practice test when I need it. Continue to do IXL for math to help me do better for math on the CAASPP.


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