Measure T Construction Update June 2023

Despite Delays, Eureka City Schools Remains Committed to Measure T Construction Project
Posted on 06/14/2023



June 13, 2023 - Eureka, CA  -  Eureka City Schools (ECS) recently determined that the formal groundbreaking for the Albee Stadium, softball field, and Cloney Field construction project, backed by Measure T, will be delayed until 2024. While this delay is disappointing, we remain committed to ensuring Measure T repairs and upgrades are achieved, and goals are accomplished.

Following assessments by independent structural engineers, we determined that portions of the Eureka High School campus are compromised by the failure of the storm drainage infrastructure, creating dangerous sinkholes, denying safe access to facilities by persons with disabilities, and undermining the safety of hillside and adjacent facilities. These imminent health and safety risks to students and staff led to the passage of Measure T - an Emergency High School Repair/Student Safety Measure - in March 2020.

Eureka City Schools worked with architects and engineers to develop the construction plan to submit to the Division of the State Architect (DSA). The project is being addressed in two increments, with initial allocated costs being $11 million for Increment #1 and $7 million for Increment #2, totaling $18 million. 

Since then, District staff have worked with Wahlund Construction, Inc./Sequoia Construction Specialties to determine the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for Increment #1, originally slated to begin in the summer of 2023. However, inflation, supply chain issues, environmental factors, and other unforeseen challenges have significantly increased costs and required us to adjust our timeline. The updated project cost for Increment #1 was returned at $23.75 million. 

At the May 11, 2023, Board of Education meeting, the Governing Board was asked to either approve the GMP for the EHS Albee Stadium Increment #1 Project and allow construction to move forward or provide an alternative.

The Board was informed that due to the increased estimate for Increment #1, there is an expected increase in cost for Increment #2. If proceeding with Increment #1 without an estimate for the entire project, there would be minimal room to adjust the budget.

Following the review and discussion of options, the Board voted not to approve the GMP for Increment #1, directing staff to determine the overall project cost instead. Once total project costs are established, ECS can apply to the California Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) to ascertain the amount of financial assistance the state will provide. 

After state contributions are included, the remaining costs will be estimated, and ECS will ensure the scope of work fits within its projected budget. We will prioritize key health and safety needs, and the most critical repairs will be addressed first.

Currently, the Albee Stadium field can still be used for outdoor activities when weather permits, while Cloney Field and the softball field remain closed. The stadium grandstands and field are regularly assessed for safety hazards. ECS graduation and promotion ceremonies in the summer of 2023 will occur at Albee Stadium.

Our team has been working diligently to address issues and to develop a revised plan that considers the new timeline. We have identified areas for potential adjustments that will allow us to move forward with the construction process as smoothly as possible.

Eureka City Schools is committed to maintaining open lines of communication about the project and will continue to provide regular updates as we move forward.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We remain dedicated to delivering a successful project that will benefit the Eureka City Schools community for years to come.


Press Contact:

Sierra Speer Dillon

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Eureka City Schools

[email protected]