Measures S & T - How Much Do They Cost?

Measure S
Voters in the Eureka Unified District, including our feeder districts Cutten, South Bay, Freshwater, Garfield, and Kneeland, will vote only on Measure S, the middle schools and high schools improvement bond.

Measures S and T
Voters in the Eureka School Facilities Improvement District No. 1 (SFID), the former Eureka City Schools' elementary district, will vote on both Measure S and Measure T, the elementary schools improvement bond.

* Note: Assessed value is based on the amount that appears on your tax statement and is not the same as market value which may be considerably higher. The median assessed value of a single family home in the Eureka Unified School District is $78,732. Tax amounts reflect $7,000 homeowner's exemption.

  • Measure S: middle schools and high schools improvement bond
  • Measure T: elementary schools improvement bond
Assessed Value * Unified District SFID District

Measure S Measure S and T

$78,732 $35.87 year $53.80 year

$2.99 month $4.48 month
$100,000 $46.50 year $69.75 year

$3.88 month $5.81 month

Measure T Elementary School Tax Rates by AV