Equity Statement

Equity Statement
Posted on 06/12/2020
June 12, 2020

Dear Eureka City Schools Students, Families, Staff and Community,

As the President of the largest, most ethnically diverse school District in Humboldt County, I feel compelled to speak on behalf of the Eureka City Schools Board of Education and the District.

We will not tolerate racism or any other form of prejudices in our schools, including white supremacy or anti-Blackness. As an educational community, we need to listen for it, stop it, and educate our next generation as to why it is not acceptable. As we all witnessed yet another injustice perpetrated against a Black citizen, we cannot help but be moved to tears. The protests against the killing of George Floyd and police killing of many other unarmed BIPOC people over time that have taken place across the nation will move us to change. The number of young people directly involved in this movement is a shining light in this darkness. Witnessing youth speaking passionately against injustice gives us hope true change will finally come.

As a District, our priority is, and will always be, the students whom we are entrusted to serve and educate. We support our students and students across the nation in this fight against injustice and the fight for true equity. We support our students who are expressing themselves to make our community and county a better place. We will continue to support this movement by listening and enacting better District policies and programs to meet the needs of all students.

We are eager to welcome a new Student Board Member to the Eureka City Schools Board, who was appointed in May, to represent the students of the District. She is also the President of the Black Student Union at Eureka High School. As a Board and District, our job is to listen to, and support our students. We look forward to having a student sitting on our Board who will provide a direct voice to the leadership of our District for our BIPOC student community. We want our students to feel safe to speak up, advocate, and make voices for change heard.

We encourage our community members and students to ask BIPOC students, teachers and community members how they are affected by racism in our schools and community. If you see racism, be proactive by stepping in and stopping it.

Moving forward we will identify our implicit biases and put into action increased professional development for our staff to better serve our students and adopt curriculum, which is culturally sensitive for BIPOC community. We will focus on bolstering our Restorative Practices and being proactive through practices and policy to make sure our disciplinary procedures are equitable and fair.

Our pledge as a Board and District is to do everything we can to stop the social injustice happening in our community and schools. We foster social justice to promote equity and provide a quality education in our schools where all students feel welcome and safe.

We encourage our community members and students to dialogue and empathize as they listen and learn from the experiences of BIPOC communities. Ask how students, teachers, and community members are affected by racism at large. Remind one another that racism is intolerable and if you see racism, be proactive by stepping in and stopping it.

Susan Johnson

Eureka City Schools

Board of Education President