Students of the Month for October 2012

Every month each academic department at EHS will recognize one student that is making the most of their educational opportunities. These students are “Making Every Minute Count”. To reward this effort these twelve students will be entered into a raffle for an EHS Yearbook.

Agriculture: Jacob Mitchell
Jacob is a 4-year member of the Agricultural Department and the FFA Chapter, he is currently our President. Jacob s most outstand attribute is ability to work with anyone and have a positive result. He is hard working, dedicated and truly a great person. We are truly honored to have Jacob as a student at Eureka High School. He plans on attending College of the Redwood and attaining a two year degree in business.

CTE: Zachary Ownby
Zach is a class leader, working hard and producing high-quality work. Zach is also a member of the cross-country team which he successfully balances with his school work. He is training to compete at the state-level in cross country (He runs 3.1 miles in about 16.5 minutes!).

English (9/10): Francim Aguilar   
Francim Aguilar is organized, polite, and academically focused, consistently doing careful, quality work. Plus she bleeds red and green, taking the lead on the homecoming activities for the freshman class.

English (11/12): Kate Brenneman
Kate’s warm smile and curious attitude make her special. She is academically focused, inquisitive, and playful. I really enjoy her presence and energy in my AP English class. Did I mention her smile? Fabulous!

Mathematics: Bobby Purify Williams
Bobby was selected for her maturity, work ethic, and focus.  She brings a good attitude to class everyday and has shown she is willing to do anything necessary to learn.  Bobby sets an excellent example for other students.

Performing Arts: Riley McFarland
Riley McFarland is an outstanding member of the theatre department, leading our productions with tremendous energy, enthusiasm and unparalleled excellence for three years now. He is extraordinarily kind, generous with his time and expertise, and easily one of the easiest students to direct for me. He is currently starring in The Laramie Project, and I am confident we will be seeing his talents on our stage many times this year. Riley has found music to be part of the big picture for his life. A talented musician who finds himself at home at the mic or behind a drum set and does it all with grace and joy.

The performing arts recognizes Riley’s contributions as a performer onstage, but also offstage ready with a kind word, to lend a hand for work to be done and a source of reliability for his peers and teachers.

Riley is the performing arts candidate.

Physical Education: Taylor Hani
Taylor Hani has been a great asset to the physical education department this past month!  She has been a role model to our younger students - helping them with locker needs, uniform needs,  and is always willing to help out whenever needed.  Best of all - she always has a smile and a great attitude!

Science: Paul Gibbons
Paul is making the most of each class. He has perfect attendance, outstanding scores, and wonderful citizenship.

Service/Senior Project: Alexa Stafanakis
Alexa is the Project Director for Take Another Look.  She has taken initiative to meet with community member and local historian Ray Hillman.  She scheduled an appointment and scanned historical pictures at the Clark Museum.  She is also leading a strong team of students to assist her with photo editing and marketing.

Social Science: Kaobao Yang
Kabao Yang is a wonderful, dedicated, hardworking student.  She has excellent attendance and consistently works toward a deeper understanding of history and international issues.  In virtually every lesson and activity, in her own quiet way, I count on Kabao to be ready and prepared to share her thoughts.  Although there are other dynamic students who might fit this description, Kabao's circumstances at home shed light on the word determination.  She comes from a family of nine brothers and five sisters.  Being responsible for much of the cooking, cleaning and babysitting at home, she never seems to let up on her academics.  She is also a Hmong translator and has been active in many of the Asian clubs and festivals in our community.  I'm impressed with her personal drive to challenge herself and break through traditional barriers.

Visual Arts: Shyann Youravish
Shyann is a focused individual.  When she has an idea, she stays the course, and problem solves until she gets the results she desires.  Her work shows a high degree of skill and passion.  She understands clay and speaks it’s language.

World Language: Ben Ross
Ben’s actions reflect his stated convictions in regards to second language acquisition and becoming truly bilingual.