EHS Halloween Rally

On Halloween's high noon, the fake-blood and make-up encrusted characters and creatures of Eureka High School gathered in the school's cafeteria for a judge of best costume. There were outfits of all sorts, from mock students and teachers, to gruesome classics and various stumbling zombies. This year’s finalists consisted of a "Fritz Robot", a traditional Candy Skull girl, and two Tim Burton-Johnny Depp classics, Edward Scissorhands and The Mad Hatter. The costumes were well crafted and wonderful frights. Both the Tim Burton-esque costumes claimed the first two places, with The Mad Hatter on top! The lunch room was a roar of cheers.

Photo taken during the Rally, showing with all four finalists in a front line. Fritz Robot, Edward Scissorhands, The Mad Hatter, and the Candy Skull girl, from left to right.

Contact Jamie Bush, Student Government Advisor, for more information.