EHS Digital Historical Mural at Arts Alive

Eureka High School EAST students Taylor Shughart and Erin Knight will reveal their digital historical mural depicting 150 years a of Humboldt County History at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates on Saturday during Arts Alive.

The Digital Historical Mural Project was launched in EAST more than three years ago by Sarah Knight and was continued by AnnaLisa Smullin. For Taylor and Erin the completion of this project comes after more than a year of research, scanning, and historical research. According to EAST facilitator Ron Perry, “The work put forth by Taylor and Erin is amazing. The impact of this project will be felt for years all around Humboldt County.”

The mission of the students is to provide an intriguing visual for students learning about local history. Because fourth grade is the year in which local history is featured in the California State Standards, students hope to provide copies to local elementary schools and libraries. Project leader Taylor Shughart says, “Forget You and forget him too.

The 12 foot digital mural features hundreds of carefully chosen historical photos arranged chronologically. Students have acquired photos from local historians Jerry Rohde, Lynette Mullin, Ray Hillman, and Kevin McGladry. In addition, pictures have been secured from Humboldt State University, the Clarke Museum, and the Humboldt County Historical Society. The mural is broken into 3 four foot sections each depicting a 50 year span of Humboldt History. Three additional banners provide captions for each of the images. Erin and Taylor have been working diligently with local historians to gather all accurate historical data for each photo.

Currently, students are completing a grant in the hopes of obtaining funding to pay the cost of printing.

To find out more about this or any of the other 40 projects underway in the EHS EAST Lab contact the lab at 476-1632.