Students to Unveil Jelly Bean Mural at Arts Alive

The Jelly Bean Mural was started because of the January 9th earthquake that shook Eureka and the surrounding areas. Many businesses suffered damages and losses due to the quake's magnitude of 6.5. Through the creativity of a local business and a local elementary school, one such loss was a gift to our community.


After the earthquake, Matt Butler, owner of Sea Breeze Candy on Eureka's Boardwalk, called Alice Birney Elementary School. His loss: over 25,000 jelly beans that had fallen on the floor and were damaged during the earthquake and could not be sold. Since late February, Brad Albee's fifth grade class have designed, glued, and carefully arranged the jelly beans on the 4 foot by 8 foot mural. The mural, which includes recreations of the Eureka Theater and the Healy Brothers Building (better known as the Old Town Bar & Grill Building) was put together by students working at recesses, lunches, and after school. Soon, other classes within the school came to help. The Jelly Belly Corporation has also donated to the project. The student-made mural will eventually be hung in Sea Breeze Candy on the Boardwalk.

"I have no real idea how much time the students put into the mural, I know it's a lot because small groups of student worked every day at their breaks for weeks at a time. There's a reason it took us nearly four months to complete," explains Albee.

Alice Birney School and Shoreline Candies will be presenting the mural to the community at the Eureka Arts Alive (in front of Shorelines Gallery) Saturday, June 5. Student "Jelly Bean Artists" will be on hand to talk about the project.

For more information, contact:
Brad Albee
Alice Birney Elementary School