Lafayette Afterschool Students’ Win CanSculpture Competition

Lafayette Afterschool students’ Service Learning Project for Food for People’s, First Annual CanSculpture event wins the competition.

Program Coordinator, Catrina Scheffler initially discussed the idea of making posters for the event with Afterschool program students but, together, they decided to enter the competition with a food sculpture. Interested students began working with the art teacher studying nutrition and the food pyramid. The students also discussed the needs of the Food Bank, how they would feel using the facility and the types of food they would want available. Project design began and the group secured Murphy’s Market as a sponsor.  Students sought donations of canned goods, worked with engineering visual and hands-on concepts, made posters and cardboard cut-outs with stands and finalized the design they would build the day of the event.  On Saturday, March 6th the group built the structure during the event at the Bayshore Mall. When done, they talked about the nutritional benefits of the competing structures and discussed their project expressing their excitement and pride in their contribution and also their concerns about whether their entry would fare well against the other entries or even continue to stand up. To their great surprise and joy the Lafayette entry was declared the competition winner and also won prizes for nutritional content and the weight award. Since then, these students have expressed a better understanding of the needs in their community. They have also talked to fellow students about their entry in next year’s competition as well as other possible projects to help in the community.