EHS Blood Drive

The annual winter EHS Blood Drive will take place on Dec. 8 rth and 9 th.  Sarah Maples, Robin Smith, Brandon Moore, and Kristy Pesenti are taking on the blood drive this year as their senior project.  Student organizers encourage all staff to put this date on the calendar and make plans to donate blood.

Last year the blood drive collected 197 units of blood during the winter drive. While this fell three units short of the students’ goal, it made the EHS blood drive the largest in Humboldt County for 2008. This year students hope to go over 200 for the first time.
As happened last year the Blood Bank would like to recognize those that have donated 3 times or more by rewarding them with a cord at graduation. The kids can, with parent permission, start donating when they are 16. Student organizers will soon begin an informational campaign to educate students about the importance of giving blood.