Substitute Teachers

We are in need of Substitute Teachers in the Eureka City Schools District.  Effective October 1, 2017 our daily rate is $115 for regular substitute teachers, $125 for long-term subsitute teachers, and $150 for retired ECS teachers .  We add substitutes to our current list by appointment only.  The following list is what Eureka City Schools will need to sign you up to be a Day-to-Day Substitute Teacher in our District. 

Please submit the following items to the Personnel Office at 2100 J Street, Eureka, Rm. 110:

  • A Completed Eureka City Schools’ Certificated Application Form
  • Your Résumé
  • Two Letters of Recommendation. They do not need to be specific to this application; we accept copies of those previously used,
  • A Copy of Your Credential or Emergency Permit,
  • TB Test Results (within the last 60 days for initial hiring per Ed. Code unless it is directly provided by another school district and is dated within the past four years. TB tests are also available through our District). 

Once the above mentioned documents are received in the Personnel Office, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to complete the hire process.

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Your valid Driver’s License,
  • Your original Social Security Card.
  • A cancelled check if you would like your paycheck to go in to your bank account via Direct Deposit.
  • At the appointment, you will be given a LiveScan form in order to get fingerprinted. Eureka City Schools reimburses for the local agency fingerprinting fee if provided with the original payment receipt.  

NOTE:  You are eligible to apply for an Emergency Permit if you have a 4-year degree and have passed a CBEST test. Contact Humboldt County Office of Education, 445-7039, to apply for an Emergency Permit.

Student Teachers: All student teachers must complete the same requirements as indicated above in the Substitute Teacher section before being eligible to substitute for their mentor teacher.