Zane Middle School Author Festival

On Friday October 23rd, 2009 Zane Middle School has the honor of hosting Author Carmen T. Bernier-Grand as our Author for the 2009 Humboldt County Author Festival.

Ms. Bernier-Grand is the author of several exciting biographies on important Latino figures such as Cesar Chavez, Frieda Kahlo and Puerto Rican poet and politician Don Luis Manos. The books that the library will be offering to students will be at AR levels 4.3 – 7.0

This is an exciting opportunity for Zane to shine and show Ms. Bernier-Grand what a warm and welcoming community we have here at Zane.

The Author Festival organizers have asked that Zane keep this day open for only the Author Fest and that all other important functions be reserved for other days (i.e. field trips, assemblies, movie days, animal shows, meetings that require use of the library, etc) if this is at all possible, I think it would help to insure that Ms. Bernier-Grand feels welcomed and appreciated.