Strategic Plan

Eureka City Schools, the educational leader on the North Coast, is committed to maximizing all students' potential, inspiring them to be productive citizens, lifelong learners and responsible participants in a global society by offering a personalized education and a challenging curriculum in partnership with the community.

Our Mission
Washington Elementary School, rich in family involvement and academic excellence, will prepare and inspire each child to become a self-assured contributor to a global society, instilling a love of learning by providing an innovative, well balanced educational experience in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Objectives:

  • Each student will demonstrate exceptional growth toward academic excellence while developing a love of learning.
  • Each student will demonstrate the interpersonal skills and self-confidence needed to build positive relationships and make responsible life choices.

Our Tactics:

  • We will implement innovative strategies to provide an integrated curriculum that meets or exceeds grade level standards while maintaining a well-balanced program for a broad range of students.
  • We will establish protocols, practices and programs that enhance positive communications within our entire school community.
  • We will provide a welcoming, safe and efficient environment for our school community.