Negotiations Update 7-11-18

The parties met July 11 for a third day of negotiations. At the beginning CSEA provided clarification of their financial proposal, and the parties reviewed the costs related to the various elements of the proposal. The parties also reviewed District finances and exchanged some language proposals.


After substantive discussion it was determined the cost of the CSEA proposal was 14.18% (approx. $1,043,000).  This did not include some additional cost items but did cover the cost of reorganization of the schedule, applying a 7% increase to each cell and then applying another 5.03%.  In addition, this total cost includes a $600 per year increase in District contributions for health benefits.  Beyond these changes CSEA is also proposing automatic increases in the schedule due to minimum wage provisions in two subsequent years. These wage changes would cost approximately 1.53% in 2019-20 and another 4.12% in 2020-21. Overall this one year salary proposal (negotiations to be open on compensation in 19-20 and 20-21) would have a 14.18 % cost in the first year increasing to a 19.84% cost in the third year.

The District provided information regarding the impact of the CSEA proposal on the District’s budget. It was made clear to CSEA that based on state provided information on revenues, the proposal would deplete all reserves and could essentially bankrupt the district within three years.

The District provided a counter proposal on economics within the original 6% offer but also allowed for a reopening of compensation negotiations should enrollment decrease or increase by certain amounts.  It also provided for application of the increase so that all unit members received at least a 2.2% increase, with most receiving a 3.8% increase.  Under this proposal the District continued to advocate for a starting wage of $14 per hour effective July 1, 2018 – almost two years ahead of the state timeline.   

Other Proposals

CSEA provided a package proposal on remaining language issues. The District provided a counter proposal on Organizational Security which addressed the required changes under the recent Supreme Court decision (Janus v. AFSCME) which addresses union membership and service fee provisions.  

No agreements were reached, but the parties are exploring another date for negotiations in August.  At this next meeting, CSEA expressed they intend to offer a new proposal on compensation.