Negotiations Update 6-01-18

The parties met for the first day of 2018-19 successor negotiations on June 1, 2018. Major topics discussed were:

  • Compensation
  • Safety
  • Transfers
  • Layoffs
  • Leaves
  • Discipline
  • Hours and Overtime


The District made an offer of the equivalent of a 6% increase in compensation, to take effect July 1, 2018, reflecting a 3-year contract to close negotiations through June 30, 2021.

The District’s compensation offer included raising all cells below $14.00 on the Blue Collar and White Collar salary schedules to $14.00. The cost of this increase is the equivalent of approximately 2.2%. This would leave an additional 3.8% for allocation toward salary and/or benefits.

The District also proposed the creation of a committee to determine the allocation of the remaining 3.8% compensation increase. The committee would consider adjusting salary schedule compaction issues, offsetting employee health benefit costs, including the Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) costs of leaving the NCSMIG, and/or any other cost items, including improving longevity steps.

CSEA did not make a written proposal on compensation but indicated it was exploring a proposal which it believes has an approximate equivalent cost of a 15% increase in compensation. This would be for the first year of a 3-year contract, and would permit reopeners on salary and benefits in years 2 and 3. CSEA also proposed increased pay for training, educational attainment, and minimum wage adjustments as part of its discussion on compensation.


The parties exchanged proposals on safety. Major topics of discussion were training, reporting requirements, and investigation procedures and protocols. The District proposed a professional development training day on November 1, 2018 to focus on the topics of student behavior and de-escalation tactics, violence reporting requirements, and other safety-related issues.


The District presented a proposal on transfers addressing vacancy posting requirements and cross-class transfers.


The District presented a proposal on layoffs, which reflects language cleanup to come into compliance with the Education Code with respect to seniority. The proposal also adds a reduction in hours to the definition of a layoff, which would provide unit members with the layoff protections of 60 days’ notice, reemployment rights, and acknowledgement of seniority/bumping rights.


The parties exchanged proposals on leaves. CSEA proposed unlimited organizational leave, and an additional discretionary day (increasing leave allotment from 2 to 3 days). The District’s proposal encompassed language cleanup with respect to maternity, parental, and pregnancy disability leave, as well as limiting personal necessity leave to 7 days per year. The parties discussed negotiating a new catastrophic leave provision.


The District presented a proposal on discipline which clarified that a reduction in hours or change in assignment, that is not for disciplinary reasons, does not constitute disciplinary action. The District also proposed amending a cause for discipline to comply with the Education Code.

Hours and Overtime

The parties exchanged proposals on hours and overtime. CSEA’s proposal reflected its interest in backfilling vacancies with current employees, as well as using existing employees to fill extra time.

The District proposal reflected updates to compensatory leave to comply with the Education Code, as well as flexibility in scheduling lunches based on applicable law. The District also proposed to increase its ability to adjust assigned time from 1.0 hour to 1.5 hours.

The parties meet next on June 12, 2018.