Strategic Plan


Eureka City Schools, the educational leader on the North Coast, is committed to maximizing all students' potential, inspiring them to be productive citizens, lifelong learners and responsible participants in a global society by offering a personalized education and a challenging curriculum in partnership with the community.

Our Mission
Lafayette Elementary, a respectful family community, is committed to inspiring the academic, social and personal success of all students by providing a challenging and meaningful curriculum honoring the uniqueness of each child.

Our Objectives:


  • Each student will demonstrate strong yearly academic growth necessary for continuing educational success.
  • Each student will demonstrate responsible citizenship and positive interpersonal skills by making wise choices, solving problems respectfully and communicating effectively with others.

Our Tactics:

  • We will strengthen our commitment to expand and implement effective strategies that promote conflict resolutions, problem solving and positive social relationships.
  • We will restructure our time and resources (fiscal, human and physical) to maximize student and teacher learning opportunities.
  • We will establish strategies that enhance effective communication among students, staff and families.