College Athletes Come to Eureka High

Nine college athletes and 2 college coaches visited Eureka High on Friday, March 3, to talk to the EHS college bound AVID sophomores. HSU Softball coach, Hannah Jones, and CR Football coach, Andrew Aiello, joined 4 HSU women soccer players and 4 CR football players in a panel to help the EHS AVID students prepare to succeed in college academics and athletics. The high school students got a clear picture of a day in the life of a college athlete, and how demanding it is to balance their class schedule with their practice, conditioning and study hall schedules.




College Athletes from left to right: HSU women's soccer players MaKenna Dunn, Jensen Smith, Taylor Lawson, Taylor McMillian; HSU and EHS softball coach Hannah Jones; CR football players Michael McClurg, David Reed, Rasaan Washington, Noah Davis; and CR football coach Andrew Aiello.

Photo credit: Ruth Mitchell