Blood Drive Colossal Success!

Eureka High School Holiday Blood Drive is a Colossal Success! As the new Principal of Eureka High School I am overwhelmed by the commitment and sense of mission of our students towards serving our community. That the projects are student driven as capstone classes or senior projects reflects the commendable leadership qualities that one would expect from great people. GO LOGGERS!

Last week Eureka High School hosted a blood drive under the direction of Reid Williston, an exemplary student with a very bright future. The first day total of 122 units collected is the most that the folks at the Humboldt County blood bank can remember; the second day 75 units of blood; 197 total. This commitment to community service by Logger Students is second to none nationwide. Congrats Mr. Reid Williston

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation Review is scheduled for late March. Yesterday, Eureka High School was honored to welcome Ms. Kim Deter our WASC accreditation team leader. Ms. Deter is an Agriculture Instructor at Herlong High School; with 20+ years experience in the classroom. This will be Ms. Deter’s 9th accreditation visit and her second as WASC visitation team leader. During the third week of March, 2009 Ms. Deter and five other educators will spend significant time reviewing all of the great things that are happening at Eureka High School. Herlong HS

Answer to last week’s trivia question: What tree was named for the Native American scholar who created the 85-sylable Cherokee alphabet? Sequoyah, AKA, Nathaniel Gist (sometimes rendered "Guess") invented the Cherokee Alphabet. Winner: Jan Schmidt

A salute to the Eureka High ALL-Academic Team; check out these Eureka High School 2009 Rising Stars:

Ms. Elizabeth Hedlund, daughter of Patricia and Bob Hedlund of Eureka, is currently ranked number two in our senior class with a cumulative 4.29 GPA. Elizabeth has consistently challenged herself with rigorous AP and honors classes and has earned concurrent college credits in advanced German through HSU. Elizabeth has applied to Stanford University and UC Berkeley and will study science and music. GO LOGGERS!!!!!!!

Ms. Corinne Rushing, daughter of Mary Hurley and Larry Rushing, both of Eureka. Also ranked 2nd in our senior class, Corinne has earned a cumulative 4.29 GPA, which includes mostly rigorous Honors and Advanced Placement courses.Her top college choices are UC Berkeley, Columbia, Whitman, and University of Hawaii. Corinne plans to pursue a Master of Science and PhD in Astrophysics. Holy Parallax Seconds!!!!

Ms. Jennifer Rydz, daughter of Thomas and Susan Rydz of Eureka, is presently ranked fourth in the class of ’09 with a cumulative GPA of 4.26. Jennifer excels in our most demanding university-preparatory courses available at Eureka High School, including Astronomy, Physics, Calculus B/C and many AP courses. Ms. Rydz will enroll in Advanced Biology concurrently at College of the Redwoods this spring; is an extremely gifted vocalist and in the elite EHS performance group Limited Edition, under the direction of Mr. Charles Young.

Dr. Pawlick’s Necktie of the Week Award goes to: Mr. Bob Munther– Associate Superintendent, Educational Services. Bob’s “Tuesday Tie” is a sixties remnant, 23” narrow beam green fleece knit imported from the U.K.

Parents of eighth graders whom are shopping Eureka High School are invited to attend the Principal’s “Koffee” Klatch” every Thursday morning, 11:00 am, room #103; Good food and conversation. Stop by.

Principal for One Hour” trivia contest: The first EHS employee to correctly report the answer of this Friday Morning Briefing’s trivia question (to Mrs. Karen Wilson, Secretary to the Principal) will win “Principal for One Hour!” This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I’ll swap jobs with you for one hour ? Trivia Question: In 530 B.C, what Greek “math whiz” determined that the morning star and evening star were one and the same?

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