New Gymnasium Grand Opening

What an event. Our community must be extremely proud of Eureka High School and on behalf of our students, faculty and staff I will take the liberty to thank our Governing Board members: Judy Anderson John Fullerton Elaine Gray Lisa Pace Fran Taplin and Gregg Haulk District Superintendent for the years of hard work and political patience in making our new gymnasium a reality. Eureka High School now has the finest High School Gymnasium in Humboldt County; a modernized sixty year old structure with all contemporary amenities.

More on the event…. It was a most patriotic and inspiring moment for me to have the full color guard of our own Eureka High School U.S. Naval Science JROTC march out on that sparkling new court to post the colors while the national anthem was performed by our Limited Edition Vocal Ensemble. As I looked around I saw more than one adult wiping a tear from their eye. To me it was something very uniquely and inspiringly American.

Answer to last week’s trivia question: What is the name of the horse in “Jingle Bells?” Answer: “Bobtail” – Winner Mr. Charles Young – Vocal Music

$1 certificates of ownership in the Eureka High School pool will go on sale November 1st. As they say in my home state of New Jersey: “How can yuh hollah for only uh dollah?” Loggers earn that swim party and BBQ!!

Dr. Pawlick’s Tie of the Week Award goes to Superintendent Mr. Greg Haulk, Superintendent and JV
Volleyball Consultant. Mr. Haulk “dappered” up for last night’s Gym Opening with a pale green Alfani Silk Tie matching up to a lime green collegiate dress shirt, button down collar, lightly starched. Almost GQ.

Remember the Principal’s “Coffee Klatch” every Thursday Morning at Eureka High School. Please RSVP in advance at 707 441 0262 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Parents shopping Eureka High as a “School of Choice” are encouraged to attend. Campus tours available on request following the “Klatch.”

Just in case the official opening of the newly restored Jay Willard Gymnasium was not inspiring enough, congratulations to Coach Stephanie Jackson and the Lady Loggers’ Volleyball Team for a 3-2 win over McKinleyville HS last evening. That’s “one in a row” in the new Gymnasium. A noteworthy effort was displayed by Jordan Jackson, who recorded 12 kills, and teammate Alyssa Rasmussen with 18 assists. Go Loggers!

Eureka High School enters into our first small business owner partnership: this morning our Instructional Leadership Team met with Mr. Rick Littlefield, owner of Eureka Natural Foods and his team of employees including Raymond Marklund our Senior Class President. Our discussions were related to how each party could enhance the missions of our school and the small business community. Although details still need to be worked out, in general, Mr. Littlefield and Eureka Natural Foods (on a handshake) will sponsor “Mini-Grants” as proposed by student groups, focusing on Healthy Living and other topics such as “Quality of Life Styles” including Performing Arts projects. Thank you Eureka Natural Foods! You are now “Loggers for Life.”

Be the Principal for One Hour” trivia contest: The first EHS employee to correctly report the answer of this Friday Morning Briefing’s trivia question (to Mrs. Karen Wilson, Secretary to the Principal) will win “Principal for One Hour!” You will be the Instructional Leader and I will teach one class of your choosing, or cover your job while you run Eureka High School. Trivia Question: What is the longest movie ever made?

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