Back To School Night A Huge Success

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT is a Huge Success at Eureka High: Over 800 parents and friends of Eureka High came back to school last evening. Treated initially to the exemplary instrumental musicianship of our Jazz Ensemble taught by Mr. Michael Labolle Webpage and the outstanding choral renditions by “Limited Edition,” our select group of choral students vocally trained by Mr. Charles Young Webpage ; our auditorium was brimming with enthusiastic Logger parents. Thanks you parents for your support and encouragement of the new Principal. We are pleased to report that no parents were sent to my office because of unauthorized cell phone calls or text messaging during the lessons. It will be a great year for the Loggers!!!!!

Eureka High School Pool Gets Reprieve: Our Trustees voted Wednesday night to keep our Eureka High School pool open until June 30, 2009. The total expenditures to keep our pool open for the rest of the school year is $36,000. As Principal, right here and right now I am personally challenging our students to use their synergy to raise $15,000 by the end of this school year in appreciation to the school board for this generous decision. Here’s the plan: Be an owner of the EHS pool by purchasing or selling a “Share of Ownership” Each share certificate (embossed with the EHS logo) will cost $1.00. There are 1,450 students at EHS. If each Logger sells ten shares – that will be $14,500. Each grade, Frosh, Soph. Jr. and seniors (’09, ’10, ’11 & ’12) will need to sell 3,500 shares. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! When the “classes” individually reach their goal, the Principal and Assistant Principals will award the students by class, a Pool Side Party/Dance with free admission. That means four (4) Pool Side Parties. It is time for Loggers to show their stuff. Go Loggers! Own the pool.

Congratulations to the Lady Loggers’ Soccer team in defeating Ferndale. The Loggers' passing game was in high-gear as they blanked the Wildcats 8-0. Six different Eureka players scored goals, with Kendall Martin and Sierra Kaup each scoring twice. Jordan Ludtke's scored a goal in the first thirty seconds of the game.

Eureka High School has received the “Picturing America” award from the National Endowment of the Arts. This award includes the gift of forty large reproductions (24 x 36 in) of American paintings, sculptures, architecture, and decorative arts. This entire award is available for checkout and/or available for activities in the library. Click here for for examples of the collection.

Last week’s trivia answer/winner: ‘Hyman Lipman put erasers on the ends of pencils.” Winner: Ms. Kristina Christiansen, EHS Physical Education Teacher Email Yippee, I’m a Gym Teacher for one hour next week!!!

Dr. Pawlick’s Tie of the Week Award goes to Mr. Jim Smith, EHS Agricultural Science instructor. Early in the week Mr. Smith was sporting a mid 1990’s issue Jerry Garcia original; pale yellow background with “Jackson Pollack” inspired purple and gray splatters and swishes. Abstract expressionist or aging hippie? Go Loggers!!!

“Be the Principal for One Hour” trivia contest: The first EHS employee to correctly report the answer of this Friday Morning Briefing’s trivia question (to Mrs. Karen Wilson, Secretary to the Principal) will win “Principal for One Hour!” You will be the Instructional Leader and I will teach one class of your choosing, or cover your job while you run Eureka High School. Trivia Question: What city was destroyed by a little boy?

E-mail to me what’s happening This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will be certain to get out the first-rate news about Eureka High School. Please forward this briefing to everyone and please visit our School. You own it.

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