Seeking Nominees for Athletic Hall of Fame

Eureka— Eureka High School’s Athletic Department is looking for community input to develop a potential list of players, coaches, and teams as nominees to the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Selection criteria for the Eureka High School Athletic Hall of Fame includes:

Student – Athletes:

1) Participated at EHS for two years in the same sport.

2) Been outstanding in at least one sport while at EHS.

3) Judged primarily on athletic accomplishments while attending EHS, but academic accomplishments are also considered.

4) Athletic honors received by the nominee from the H-DN League, NCS, and CIF will be considered as significant factors in the selection process.

5) Five years must have elapsed since the nominees last athletic participation at EHS.


1) Must have participated in EHS athletics for at least 10 years.

2) Judged primarily on coaching accomplishments while working at EHS.


1) Must have been undefeated HDN League Champions.

2) Must have been successful versus a highly competitive non-league schedule or in post season play/competition.

You can mail selections to EHS Athletics, 1915 J St., Eureka, CA. Please include information detailing the selection’s athletic accomplishments. For additional information contact the EHS Athletic Department 707-441-2588