EHS Blood Drive

Over the past few years student organizers have developed a number of procedures that minimize class disruption. These include:

    * Students must sign in and out when attempting to make a donation.
    * This list will be provided to the attendance office and the students will only be excused for the time actually attempting to donate. (Special thanks to the attendance office for all this extra effort.)
    * Students will not be permitted to just "hang out".
    * We would also like to thank the Social Studies department who have allowed Reed to present about importance of donating blood and have connected this civic action to the curriculum. As a result, students have been encouraged to sign up and donate during during their Social Studies classes.
    * Some teachers have informed us that do not wish to have any students signed up to donate from their classes.  These requests have been built into the schedule.
    * Students with two or more F's at the quarter will not be permitted to give blood. This is new for this year.
    * The drive takes place in front of the school in the "Blood Mobiles" rather than in classrooms. Lets hope it doesn't rain.
    * Some donors have an adverse reaction to the process, their are recovery cots in the foyer and snacks.
    * Teachers wishing to donate go to the front of the line.

Reed Williston has worked hard to organize this event. As a volunteer at the Blood Bank he knows first hand about the shortage of blood available. We should be proud of the fact that our blood drive is the largest in Humboldt County.
Our goal is to collect more than 200 units of blood the two days of the drive. It is important to remember that with an event of this size, something is bound to not go exactly as planned. Please know however, that the student organizers are doing their utmost to make this a successful service-learning event.
Reed would like to invite you to do your part.
Thanks for your support of this important event.