Greetings Future Students

As a student of Eureka High for the past four year, I have had some amazing experiences. I have been involved in a myriad of activities at this school. I have participated in cross country, basketball, and baseball. Playing sports is one of my favorite things to do. The feeling of winning a game is incomparable to anything else. Some of my other favorite experiences involved school activities such as homecoming and Logger Classic. These events help the entire school come together and have fun. All of these experiences were made so amazing because of the amazing friends that I have made here. EHS is by far the best high school in Humboldt County.

Out of all of the schools we send the most students to the most prestigious colleges. We also on average have better standardized test scores than that of any other school in Humboldt. The teaching staff at EHS is phenomenal as well. Every teacher is devoted entirely to their work and is focused making sure the students learn and grow. Eureka High also offers the most AP courses and has the best sports teams as well. If you are looking for a top notch school to go to then Eureka High is the place you are looking for. Come to EHS, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made and you will not regret it.


Among the amazing staff members at Eureka High one of them shines the brightest. Ms. Bush a history and EAST teacher has impacted the lives of so many students at this school. For me she has helped me to become a more community service oriented person and to be able to speak to business people formally. Her biggest contribution to my success though, was letting me solve my own problems instead of just giving me the answer. This stimulates the mind and works on my problem solving skills greatly. In the future this teacher’s effect will help me to succeed in my college career. I know I will take over her legacy at Cal Poly. Ms. Bush is an awesome teacher and nobody can argue that.

One elective at EHS is EAST. I have only been in EAST for one year, but it has been the greatest year of my life. During this year I completed the fall and spring blood drives at Eureka High. This project made substantial differences in the lives of our community members. I have also been designing the student of the month certificates for most of the year as well. EAST class is very different from other classes because it is technology based and there is no teacher teaching the class. The students do much of their own work and we are able to learn for ourselves what the real world will be like. There are no textbooks, it is just our brains. The key to being successful in EAST is to stay on task and to always being working hard. Slackers don’t get anywhere in this class or in life. Community service is very important because it helps people better their lives and helps to make the community a better place. In the future I hope to get involved in community service and keep helping people. Every smile is a blessing so let’s make as many shine as possible.

Jordan Thayer
Class of 2015