Dear Future EAST Students

In this past four years of high school, I’ve picked up my characteristic traits. My decision to join a sport, football, was the best experience of my high school career. I’ve mainly picked up my traits from that sport because it sets you up to be on the spot which helps you grow confidence and characteristics. From experience, I’ve loved and hated football during the seasons but in the end I love looking back at the highlights of the journey. My personal advice for students who want to have a memorable high school is to take chances in joining a sport, club, or anything that involves with school activity. Also go with what you’ll love, don’t force yourself to do something you can’t see yourself taking it into your own hands. At EHS, we have above moderate levels of sports, clubs, and school activities compared to the other schools in Humboldt we’re surrounded by. EHS is a typical high school that consists of diverse cultures and people. All of my years at EHS, students have always had their own group of friends they’re usually with. EHS a very accepting place, eventually everyone falls into their own group of friends.


One of the most impacting staff members at EHS is Grant and your counselors. Even though Grant may ruin some students day by following school rules, he’ll always be the staff member to greet you every morning with a smile on his face. My counselor was Monica and she’s been one of the most helpful staff members at Eureka High. Why? Because she’ll know you from your freshmen year all the way until you’re a senior. She guided me through high school helping me bring up my grades at the worst. But to let her help you, you have to notify her about what you need help with. To do that, just drop a counselor slip in the counseling office and she’ll shortly contact you back.

This is my first year in EAST and I’ve manage to accomplish the LiveStrong event as the leader. As hard as a day dedicated to your project sounds, it’s not. The first step to success in this class is to meet all deadlines for the little things in your project. There were a few little things that we planned on doing but slacked on actually starting it and weren’t able to do it on project day. But besides that, our project still went as planned. EAST is a loose class, meaning you’re not going to have a leader such as a teacher. You will have one but she/he will give you assignments that are mostly directed towards your project. Majority of your time in the class will be used to plan and do things for your project of choice. They main key to being successful in this class is meeting the deadlines and no later. This class is constantly moving with new assignments. But it’s a moderate level class, anyone could keep up with the work as long as the try.


Seng Chang

Class of 2015