Zane Partners with HSU Engineers to Improve Learning

On Monday, May 11th, Zane Middle School will celebrate the culmination of projects completed by engineering students from Humboldt State University (HSU). HSU students from Engineering 215 - Introduction to Design will present their final design projects to students, administrators, instructors, and the press. This event celebrates the mutually beneficial partnership between Zane and HSU.

Eleven student teams from Lonny Grafman’s Engineering 215 class have designed and constructed a variety of innovative projects for installation at Zane. Projects include a solar charging station, recyclable cleaning station, an upgrade to the memorial garden, a resonance demonstration machine, an Archimedes water screwpump, a rainwater gutter fix, a triangle of life, a disc golf course, an animal visitation center, a probability machine and a multiple rocket launcher. Each of these projects challenged the HSU students to devise innovative solutions that had long term learning benefits for the Zane campus. See more at

Students developed and built the various projects in cooperation with Zane Middle School, which provided design considerations, client feedback, and materials. Over the course of the spring semester, HSU students worked in teams to develop their projects from initial problem statement to final solution and execution. Zane staff and students provided context and feedback, while local businesses, community members and student teams contributed funds and in-kind donations to make the projects possible.

"Our pioneering partnership last year between university and public school resulted in great projects and strong relationships. This year we built upon that foundational template to create eleven inspiring innovations fueled by the collaboration between students of all ages," says Instructor Lonny Grafman. Zane Principal Jan Schmidt contributed, “I am very impressed with the quality of the projects designed by these college sophomores. We feel so fortunate to have partnered with Lonny and his students for the second year and we look forward to continuing our partnership with HSU in the coming years. I want to thank HSU Administration and Eureka City Schools Superintendent, Fred Van Vleck, for supporting this partnership.”

Zane Middle School is a STEAM Magnet School. The STEAM model integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics throughout the curriculum. With Engineering as a focus of Zane’s curriculum, this partnership provides real-world examples for students.