Carlston Family Foundation Outstanding Teacher of America

Rebecca Baugh, science teacher at Eureka High School, was recently selected to receive one of the five 2014 Carlston Family Foundation Outstanding Teachers of America Awards.  Each teacher selected will receive a $15,000 cash award and a Grant of $5,000 for their school.

Carlston Honorees are nominated by former students who are currently enrolled in or have graduated from a four year college or university.  Students personally describe the reasons for the nomination, identifying characteristics of the teachers that make them more effective than others, specific teaching techniques that increase interest and motivation of students, and the exact life changing impact of the teacher on his/her life.  Most students who nominate teachers are first generation college students who have overcome significant obstacles to become academically and personally successful and credit this teacher for their success.

This year, the Foundation received over 100 nominations from throughout California.  The evaluation process is extensive and involves interviews with as many as seven former students, school administrators, teaching colleagues, and finally the teachers who are nominated.  Tim Allen, Executive Director of the Carlston Family Foundation said, “It was the stories from former students, demonstrating the extraordinary efforts of dedicated teachers who consistently educate, motivate, inspire, and encourage students that I shared with the Board and what they considered most when selecting the 2014 Honorees.”

When interviewed during the nomination process, Baugh said, “I want my students to feel as if they are college students, and I make every effort to them like I would expect teachers to treat my children. I want them to know I believe in their abilities and will do what I can to help them succeed. I will not let them fail, and I think they know this. I expect their very best effort at all times and try to be sure they know and believe I will be there to help them when they need my help. Receiving this Award was a complete surprise and a tremendous honor. ”

On May 24, 2014, the Carlston Family Foundation Board selected five California high school teachers for the Annual Carlston Family Foundation Outstanding Teachers of America Award.  The teachers selected represent schools located in La Puente, Eureka, San Francisco, San Pedro and Sacramento, California.  Subject areas represented were English (2), biology, US history, American government, and economics.

The Carlston Family Foundation will honor these exceptional high school teachers at the 12th Annual 2014 Awards Ceremony on November 2, 2014, at the Acqua Hotel in Mill Valley, CA.   The Foundation pays all expenses for each honoree, family members, and the student who nominates an award winner.  The identity of the student nominator remains confidential until the Awards Ceremony.

Allen will attend a Eureka City Schools board meeting on December 11, 2014, to make an official presentation of the check to Ms. Baugh and Eureka Senior High School.

Baugh and the other four honorees join 56 former winners and will automatically become a formal member of the Carlston Family Foundation Board of Advisors who will participate in the annual educational symposium that focuses on addressing major issues facing education in California. This advisory group creates strategies for policy change in California, focuses on strategies for improving instruction in California high school classrooms and in California teacher preparation programs.

More information can be obtained at or by contacting Tim Allen at (949) 640-7840 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..