Earthquake Update

Eureka City Schools Press Release:

Eureka City Schools officials have updated information with regard to building safety at Eureka High School.  The gym is safe to use and the auditorium connected to the main building has been temporarily closed pending further inspection.  On Sunday, all other structures were reviewed and cleared for occupancy.

With regard to the Jay Willard Gymnasium, District officials explained that the few pieces of concrete that fell during the quake were only cosmetic features where the ceiling joins the walls, and structural integrity was not compromised.  The problem was corrected on Monday and will be completed today by the facilities and maintenance crew.  They removed the loose concrete and sealed off the areas to ensure no more debris would fall.

The auditorium attached to the main building was “red tagged” meaning that it may not be occupied until further notice.  Because of damage to the structure itself (supporting beams and joists), officials will call in a district design team of structural engineers right away to determine what repairs are needed and to report on the safety of the building.  In the mean time, no one will be allowed entrance to the auditorium.  Eureka City Schools is grateful to the City of Eureka for sending their structural engineering team to make the initial inspection.

Officials also stated that structurally the auditorium is a separate area from the main building which houses classrooms and office spaces.  This means that it is safe for students and staff to continue to use the classrooms and offices in the main building.  “We just have to make sure that no one goes into the auditorium until further notice.”

Gregg Haulk, Superintendent
3200 Walford Avenue                   
Eureka, CA 95503