Norovirus Update

Eureka City Schools is working closely with the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services Public Health officials to track the outbreak of a norovirus in our community. Our schools are documenting reports from parents to identify the number of students with symptoms of the contagious virus. The number of reported cases for our schools is shared with the Public Health officials throughout the day and the impact and spread of the virus is evaluated to determine if additional measures are warranted to prevent further illness.

While the rate of absenteeism is above average this week, we are also aware students are home with illnesses other than the norovirus and that families have opted to travel out of town for the holidays or are keeping their children home to prevent exposure to illness. The current number of reported cases of student and staff illness have not reached the threshold established by Public Health officials to call for the closing of schools as a preventive measure for the spread of the virus.

The determination of school closure is made in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services. We continue to closely monitor and evaluate the situation. At this time our schools are open. We will keep our families updated with messages on facebook and through our auto-dialer messages.