Transitions for the 2017/18 School Year

It is that time of year where we are busy making plans for the 2017-18 school year. Part of these plans include administrative assignments and this year we have some transitions I want to bring to your attention. Please keep in mind that all of these transitions are for next fall.

Shellye Horowitz has requested assignment to Eureka High School as a Counseling Services Director. This is getting back to her roots as a counselor and is filling a need at EHS. EHS has been one counselor short for most of the year due to a medical leave of one of their counselors. Ms. Horowitz is excited to refocus some of her energy on her two children at home.

The new Principal of Winship Middle School will be Teri Waterhouse. Ms. Waterhouse brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge to the District. She is currently the Principal of Morris Elementary School in McKinleyville where she has been for five years. Prior to her tenure as Principal, she was the District Data Coordinator, Emergency Response Coordinator, Middle School English Language Arts Teacher and an Elementary Teacher. Ms. Waterhouse is excited to work with the staff, students and parents of Winship Middle School and join the Eureka City Schools Team.

Kathleen Honsal has announced her retirement from Eureka City Schools after a successful career with the District dating back to 1987. In her time in the District, she has served as Associate Principal of EHS for seven years after serving as Principal at Lafayette and Washington Elementary Schools, Assistant Principal of Winship and a teacher. Kathleen is excited to spend time in retirement with her children and grandchildren.

The new Assistant Principal of EHS will be Angela Shull. Ms. Shull has been the Principal of Lafayette Elementary School for the past five years. Prior to moving home to Humboldt County, she was a teacher in Cottonwood. Ms. Shull is excited to take on this new administrative challenge of working in a high school, including overseeing students with disabilities and join the team at Eureka High School.

With Ms. Shull moving to EHS, the Principal position at Lafayette Elementary School will be open. We are fortunate enough to have many qualified candidates in District and we will conduct a statewide search so we are looking forward to selecting from a strong pool of candidates.

Finally, Omar Khattab’s full time assignment will be the programs on the Lincoln Campus, including Adult Education, full time next year. This year, in addition to the Lincoln programs, 20 percent of Mr. Khattab assignment was the Athletic Director at EHS. Mr. Khattab is looking forward to focusing all of his attention to the Lincoln Campus and Adult Education. Kristie Christiansen has accepted the 20 percent Athletic Director Position for EHS and she will continue being a teacher on special assignment, including being the AVID Coordinator for the District. Kristi has worked for Eureka City Schools for 20 years. 

Please join me in congratulating each of these great people as they move into the next chapter of their lives!

Fred Van Vleck, Ed.D.
Eureka City Schools
Inspiring academic Excellence, Creativity, and the confidence to Succeed – ECS