Choral Festival Results

Wednesday and Thursday the choirs of Eureka High School traveled to HSU to sing in the CMEA Choral Festival. This performance serves as 30% of the student's grade in Mr Young's class for the quarter. Most importantly this festival is the Music version of the Standardized test. We sing in front of an audience and 3 adjudicators. A clinician will spend time telling us what we are doing well and poorly. The adjudicators scoring are based on a ten part rubric that are developed from the Standards of the Visual and Performing Arts Framework.


The adjudicators have the music in hand. They check accuracy and interpretation. The students are using both sides of their brain to make objective and subjective decisions constantly adjusting the performance to the room.

Mixed Ensemble received a composite score of 273 out of 300. Concert Choir received a composite score of 265 out of 300. Limited Edition received a composite score of 295 out of 300.

Each group represented Eureka High School at the highest level. Please take time to look them in the eye and congratulate on a job well done.