Second Annual Humboldt Math Festival takes place April 26

The second annual Humboldt Math Festival will take place at the Bayshore Mall on April 26th from 10:00 to 3:00. The festival is a community celebration of mathematics, illustrating how math weaves throughout cultures, history, art, science, fun, and every day life. As one person put it last year, "It's a great festival with a lot of fun math mixed in." The festival will include demonstrations, make-and-take activities, contests, artists, career and college information, student work and much more. The first festival had thirty-one presenter stations and an estimated 1000 people in attendance. Organizers are planning for more stations and more festival goers this year.

The festival is a community based project spearheaded local teachers. Teachers from preschool through university professors, representatives from not-for-profit organizations, artists, students, and other professionals will be hosting tables, booths and activities. "The Bayshore Mall is showing incredibly generosity and community spirit by hosting the festival again", states Ken Pinkerton, science teacher at Zane Middle School, and festival founder and coordinator. "The mall is a great location. It is centrally located, easy to get to and is covered in case of bad weather." This year festival organizers are also working on a pilot project to help students and parents in outlying communities get to the festival.

The Northcoast Math and Science Initiative (NOMSI) at HSU is a major sponsor for the festival. One of the goals NOMSI is to recruit students into careers as math, and science teachers. "We hope the festival will help students, parents and other community members see how much fun, and what a wide open field that teaching can be," says Pinkerton, "The festival will also show the diversity of things you can do with math and how important math is in so many careers."

Math Art & Poster Show. Math mixing with art and history will be showcased in student work. A Math Art Show will be on display and include items like tessellations, origami, Serpenski triangles and grid enlargements. "Projects that relates math to art are invited to the show." Students are also invited to create posters on math topics or biographies of mathematicians. Deadline for submission of projects is April 21th. Entry forms and information are at the Discovery Museum in Old Town or from the festival website.

Contests. Contests at the festival will include solving Sudoku puzzles and Rubik's cubes. Memorizing Pi may be the true mental test of the festival. Pi is the endless decimal ratio of the diameter of a circle and its circumference; 3.4159... The winner last year went to 41 places. This year a student at Zane has it memorized to 81 places. The contests will be on-going throughout the festival.

The Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria, Hunter, Hunter and Hunt CPA's, Hostgis web services and KHUM radio are festival supporters. The festival has also received grants from the California Math Council North and the local California Math Council Far North.

For more information about presenting, contests, sponsorship of the festival you can visit or call Ken Pinkerton at 725-6980.