Family Fun and Fit Night A Big Success!

Over 125 Alice Birney School students, parents and family members filled Bradford Hall to celebrate Family Fun and Fit Night on Thursday April 10th. Everyone who attended enjoyed nutritious snacks like Fruit Pizza and Ants on a Log. Volunteers from HSU taught line dances and movement songs. Kids colored food pyramids and wrote fruit and veggie poetry.

The Fun and Fit Night was possible due to community support from businesses and area agencies. Many thanks to the Booklegger, Bubbles, City of Eureka Recreation Division, the Community Wellness Center, Consider the Alternatives, Curves Broadway, The Northcoast Co-op, Flips for Kids, FYE, Henderson Center Bicycles, Pro Sport Center, Sport & Cycle and The Works. Parents who helped clean up, families who brought their kids and HSU LINK volunteers Suzie and Teal, thank you too!