'Eureka, Home of the Loggers' Now Proudly Displayed on Eureka's Water Tower

The project was unanimously supported by Eureka’s City Council and funded entirely by private donors. Dale Maples, a Eureka native and EHS alumnus, spearheaded the effort and saw the project through to its fruition.

According to Maples, the actual design symbolizes a shared mission of the City of Eureka and Eureka City Schools (ECS) to work together for a healthier Eureka. The written Loggers logo was selected over others that were more particular to a certain sport, club, or likeness. This final design best represents all the diversities of Eureka High including academics, AG, auto shop, vocation, music, drama, diversity in language and cultures, and athletics. Further, the logo is a beacon for all the middle and elementary schools that ultimately feed into Eureka High as the leading public high school in the city.

As Maples, the project lead adds, “Eureka Senior High is the flagship of Eureka City Schools, and the Logger’s logo is its banner. Eureka City Schools (ECS) represents the health of our community.” Eureka City Schools has approximately 4,000 students in attendance daily. Those students represent approximately 6,000 parents. Along with staff and administration, ECS has over 10,000 encounters with parents, students, and our community every day.

The project holds a special place in the heart of Maples, the hundreds of private donors who helped fund the project, and many more in our community. Maples adds, “Eureka’s youth is a place where all hearts meet. The water tower puts our youth, our school system, and our community out front. We are hopeful that it moves the conversation a little closer to how we best serve our children. The more advocates we gain, the better our school system will be, and the healthier Eureka will be.”