Negotiations Update 06-03-16

The District and the CSEA team met for negotiations today and had discussions regarding compensation proposals and Catastrophic Leave. CSEA presented a proposal on compensation which had an approximate cost of 18% ($1,200,000) compared to their prior proposal which had an approximate cost of over 23%.

The District provided additional information on the budget including income and expenses for 2016-17. Based on the Governor’s proposal, the District is expecting $1,290,000 in new revenue (which includes $860,000 of restricted money that cannot be used to fund salary increases). The District provided information on mandatory increases in expenses for 2016-17 of $975,000 which includes $425,000 for STRS and PERS increases; $232,000 for step and column; and $318,000 in increases for special education.

After a constructive discussion on economic issues and priorities, the parties mutually agreed that the assistance of a State mediator will be productive. The parties are therefore jointly filing for impasse and will hold July 12 as a possible date.