Eureka City Schools Celebrates “Every Student Succeeding”

Eureka City Schools honors eight outstanding students who were selected as nominees for the Every Student Succeeding Award. Each school nominated one exceptional student, and the students were recognized at the Awards Breakfast March 3 at the Ingomar Club. This special event brought together students, their parents/guardians, educators and community members to celebrate student success and highlight the stories of these amazing young people:

  • Marcelyna Angelica Davila Escareno, 5th Grade at Alice Birney
  • Justin Miller, 2nd Grade at Grant
  • Megan Harrison, 5th Grade at Lafayette
  • Emily Cook, 4th Grade at Washington
  • Oliver Zuniga, 6th Grade at Winship
  • Iziah Galvez, 8th Grade at Zane
  • Brandi May, 11th Grade at Zoe Barnum
  • Bobbie Purify, 12th Grade at Eureka High School

Rochelle Trochtenberg, recently appointed as California's foster care ombudsperson, was our inspirational keynote speaker. Trochtenberg is a Humboldt County resident and is the first former foster youth to hold this office representing 62,600 abused and neglected children.

The annual Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Every Student Succeeding Program honors students who exceed our expectations and the educators who support them along the way. The program highlights stories of these young men and women who have overcome great obstacles to succeed—it demonstrates resilience as they face life’s challenges head on and create bright futures through hard work and determination.

One student is selected each year to represent Eureka City Schools at the regional level, and we were thrilled to nominate Bobbie Purify, a senior at Eureka High School.

Purify was also selected by ACSA to represent Region 1 which includes the eight northern counties in California. Purify is invited to the ACSA State Leadership Summit in November where she will be honored alongside nominees from ACSA’s 19 California Regions.
Purify was nominated by Rob Standish, Rick Jordan, and Kristy Christiansen, who highlighted Purify’s accomplishments and ability to overcome her challenges. Purify has been offered, and accepted, a full-ride scholarship to Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), and while her scholarship is athletic (for basketball and track), her strong academic performance throughout high school is one of the reasons OIT offered her the scholarship early.

Purify has been a true leader and inspiration to students, faculty and administrators as she commits herself to hard work, and consistently foregoes her own needs while demonstrating compassion for others. She uses her obstacles as stepping stones and does not allow them to interfere with who she is as a person or her ability to excel athletically, academically, and personally.
Eureka City Schools would like to thank Dirk Dinsmore of Dinsmore Construction for sponsoring this event by providing breakfast and Gregg and Kathy Gardiner for sponsoring our group at the Ingomar.

Eureka City Schools believes every student deserves equal opportunities to succeed. Every school day throughout California, dedicated educators and courageous students overcome tremendous obstacles to reach their goals of academic excellence. Their success is our success; their powerful stories are our inspiration.