Classified Employees of the Year

The 2015-16 District-wide Classified Employee of the Year was announced at the Board meeting last night. Congratulations to Devon Freitas, a Literacy Technician at Alice Birney where she has been a teacher, mentor, cheerleader and a coach to many of the children who are just beginning to discover the world of words. Devon always has a smile on her face and purpose in her tone as she praises effort and recognizes achievement while teaching students to believe in themselves.

Congratulations Devon!

We are also pleased to announce the other outstanding employees who were nominated from various sites or departments within the District:

Jean Spurgin is a Food Service Worker who has been flexible in working at various sites as needed. She is known for genuinely caring about each student and does everything in her power to make sure students have a pleasant experience in the cafeteria.

Julie Davy is a Payroll Technician in the Fiscal Services Department at the District Office. Julie has taken the lead in Payroll through the conversion to a new payroll system and has consistently handled a heavy workload and tight deadlines with grace.

Sherry Dortch is a Children's Center Assistant at Winzler. She is kind and caring with the children and welcoming to the families. Sherry works with the teacher to plan and develop age appropriate curriculum that is creative and engaging to student learning.

Eric Davies is the Lead Custodian at Grant. He is an integral part of Grant's daily operations and keeps the site safe and clean. Eric has great rapport with students, reinforces school-wide PBIS, and strives to meet the teachers' requests.

Tina Kastler is an Instructional Assistant Special Education III at Lafayette who is kind, attentive to her duties, and continually improving her ability. Although she is assigned to work with specific students while on campus, she recognizes that ALL adults building relationships with ALL students is what's best for the individuals and the school community climate.

Jourdan Farmer is the Elementary School Secretary at Washington. She has a smile on her face and calm demeanor while juggling band-aids and discipline, orders and deliveries, dealing with the barrage of phone calls and responding to the demands of a very busy elementary site.

Stacy Jewell is the Middle School Secretary at Winship. She is a fast learner, thinks on her feet, and has created new systems where old systems were not effective. Stacy is a leader--she raises issues that need addressing, initiates change where needed, is an independent thinker, a problem-solver, and invaluable team player.

Jacob Chase is a Custodian at Zane. He takes pride in his work and is diligent in completing his duties. He comes to work with a smile on his face and is friendly with co-workers, students and staff. He is a valuable member of the Zane family!

Joe Kubala, is the High School Custodian Crew Leader at Eureka High School where he gives 100% every day and is always friendly. Joe is known to be one of the most professional, positive, reliable and dependable employees at EHS. He helps out any way he can, and his attention to detail keeps the campus safe and clean, creating a healthy environment for all.

Please join me in congratulating our Classified Employees of the Year! These extraordinary employees do essential work that keeps our schools up and running. From the time students board a school bus to the time they head home a the end of the day, every aspect of their educational experiences are impacted by classified employees.

Thank you to these outstanding role models!