The California School Employees Association and its Redwood Chapter No. 88 Proposal to the Eureka City Unified School District 10-01-2015

The California School Employees Association and its Redwood Chapter No. 88 shall seek to negotiate the following items with the Eureka City Unified School District during upcoming negotiations:

Article VI - Pay and Allowances

CSEA seeks a fair and equitable adjustment of the salary schedule for the 2015-16 school year, including an across the board increase on the salary schedule, adjusting the salary schedule to eliminate all steps/ranges which begin below the mandatory minimum wage which will be in effect on January 1, 2016, and incorporation of a salary formula tied to increases in the annual consumer price index.

Additionally, to make salaries competitive with comparable districts, effective July 1, 2015 all classification shall be increased in range placement

Further, to encourage, recognize and compensate education and experience, CSEA seeks range advancement for bargaining unit member's educational attainment, including AA/AS, BAIBS, MAIMS, and Doctoral degrees; additionally, CSEA seeks step advancement on hire on a yearfor-year basis for new hires prior experience in another local education agency.

CSEA proposes a classification and compensation study to be performed by an outside contractor such as Jacobson Betts & Co., to determine appropriate compensation for the labor being purchased by the District, including comparability and competitiveness of salaries and benefits, and creation of career ladders within the classified service.

Article XIII - Health and Welfare

CSEA seeks an increase in the District's contribution to benefits and incorporation of a formula tied to annual rate increases.

Article XI - Leaves

CSEA seeks restoring Bereavement Leave (11.2) to five days.

CSEA seeks to increase the total number of days available for organizational leave.

Article XII- Transfer

CSEA seeks restoring pre-2014language regarding involuntary transfers.