Administrator of the Year

Eureka City Schools has recognized a very special person as our Administrator of the Year. This administrator has worked for Eureka City Schools for 12 plus years in many different sites, and at most grade levels. Her enthusiasm and energy contributes to her ability to have a positive impact on the lives of her students and staff. She has shown leadership in a variety of roles at her sites and at the District level.

Her colleagues’ comments say it all:

  • She continually provides mentoring and support to new administration staff.
  • She is an excellent role model.
  • She always keeps students best interests in the forefront of her decisions.
  • She works WITH her entire staff to promote a community of learners.
  • With her team, she has spearheaded the effective implementation of PBIS.
  • She takes the time to acknowledge the contributions of all members of her staff.
  • She encourages and supports innovation and creativity.
  • She coaches, praises and celebrates teachers, students, and staff.
  • She is a hard worker, a problem-solver and a model of respect and collaboration.
  • She is able to articulate a goal and set a path to achieve it. As a result, the staff rises to the occasion and puts forth extraordinary effort.
  • She has high expectations for herself and those she works with and sets the Gold Standard for the rest of us!
  • She fostered a mutually beneficial relationship with HSU.
  • Together with the leadership team, she transformed Zane into a STEAM school.

These are just a few of the comments that characterize a very special administrator, one that our District is fortunate to have working with our students, parents and staff. I believe this quote fits her well, “When it comes to the education of our children… failure is not an option.”

She has truly lifted many of our students and staff to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. It is with great pleasure, and a definite honor, that we congratulate our Eureka City Schools Administrator of the Year, Jan Schmidt.