Eureka City Schools Begins Restorative Justice Practices at Eureka High School

On December 3, 2014, Eureka High School began the first step in a multi-year implementation of a new practice known as Restorative Justice. Twenty employees including teachers, administrators, and staff members participated in an intensive two-day training provided by the Restorative Justice (RJ) Training Institute. Restorative Justice is an internationally known practice that is based on the principles of voluntary participation, respect and inclusion of all involved, focus on harm done, and consensus-based decisions to repair the harm. The overall goal is to increase the opportunities for our high school students and staff to develop healthy, meaningful relationships. This training is being supported by a partnership between Eureka City Schools, Humboldt BRIDGES (Building Resiliency Independence Diversity Growth Education Success); Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA); and Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services, Children & Family Services.  As stated in BRIDGES statement of purpose, “Children, youth, young adults, families, their support network, and anyone involved in their care and well-being are part of Humboldt BRIDGES for Children & Families”.

The training includes an introduction to Restorative Justice and the process of conducting Community Building Circles. Circles provide a space and system that allows the school community to be in regular and supportive communication with one another. These Circles help deepen the connection among all members of the school and help insure that everyone is respected and appreciated.  Studies have demonstrated that Restorative Justice Practices, like Circles, result in reductions in the number and intensity of fights, reductions in the number of students suspended and expelled, higher academic performance, and a more positive school climate.

For more information about Restorative Justice Eureka High School, contact:

Name: Rob Standish, Assistant Principal
School: Eureka High School
Address: 1915 J Street, Eureka, CA
Phone: (707) 441-2508
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