Measure S

As of the final Election Night Report, the unofficial count showed a total of 10,955 votes cast on Measure S. Of that amount, 6,112, or 55.79%, were YES votes in support of the Measure. NO votes totaled 4,843, or 44.21%. A supermajority of 55% is required, so at this point Measure S has the necessary votes to pass.

However, the Humboldt County Elections Office indicates there are yet a significant number of provisional, absentee, and vote by mail ballots to be counted. The county has up to 29 days to certify the election, so it may still be some time before the final outcome of Measure S is determined.

Thank you to staff, families, and community members for your support of Measure S. We will continue to provide updates on the Measure’s status as more information becomes available.