CSBA Masters in Governance

Eureka City School District Board Members Fran Taplin, Wendy Davis, Hank Beck, and Susan Johnson, along with Superintendent Fred Van Vleck, have completed the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Masters in Governance program, a two-year certificate program that defines the roles and responsibilities of school boards and provides governance teams with the tools to keep all efforts focused on student learning and achievement.

Fran Taplin, current Board Clerk, has been a Board Member since 1996 and an educator in Eureka City Schools since 1964, retiring in 1995. Ms. Taplin’s children were educated in Eureka City Schools and her grandchildren currently attend Eureka City Schools. Wendy Davis has been a Board Member since 2009, and is currently the Board President. She is the mother of an ECS student and is a local business owner. Hank Beck has been a Board Member since 2011, and is a retired Eureka City Schools administrator. Mr. Beck’s children and grandchildren were also educated in Eureka City Schools. Susan Johnson has been a Board Member since 2012, and is a Registered Nurse whose children also attended Eureka City Schools.

Superintendent Van Vleck said, “I am proud of the level of commitment our Trustees have in order to provide a top-notch education for the students of the greater Eureka community.”

“This certificate recognizes a demonstrated commitment to learning, leadership, and effective governance,” said CSBA President Jo Lucey. “The Masters in Governance program provides board members and superintendents with the necessary knowledge and skills to support an effective governance structure.”

Since its inception in 1998, more than 2,800 board members and superintendents have participated in the highly acclaimed program. To receive the Masters in Governance certificate, candidates must complete 40 hours of intensive training on the role of the governance team in setting the direction of the district, student learning and achievement, school finance and facilities, human resources, policy and judicial review, collective bargaining, and community relations and advocacy