Teacher of the Year 2013

Eureka City Schools Teacher of the Year continues to be curious and professionally vital both inside and outside the classroom, maintaining an enviable passion for children and the learning process. She remains vivid in the students' memories forever because of her boundless energy, creativity, sense of fun, and compassion. She expects great accomplishments from her students, and doesn't accept anything less. She believes each and every student can soar beyond any imagined limits. Her children sense that confidence and work with her to make it happen. She exhibits expertise in the subject she teaches and spends time continuing to gain new knowledge in her field. She presents material in an enthusiastic manner and instills a hunger in her students to learn more on their own. She makes herself available to her students and parents. She is involved in school-wide committees and activities, and demonstrates a commitment to her school.

Eureka City Schools is proud to announce our Teacher of the Year, Kristin Sobilo. Congratulations.


School Teacher of the Year
District Kristin Sobilo
Alice Birney Nicole Holland
Eureka High Ruth Mitchell
Grant Joe MacTurk
Lafayette Alana Nelson
Washington Roseann Buchner
Winzler Marsha Willis
Zane Kristin Sobilo
Zoe Barnum Lee Roscoe-Bragg